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This 120v free standing or wall mounted set point kiln controller is designed to be simple and inexpensive to build from readily available parts.  It is designed for relatively low current ovens but can easily be modified for higher loads.  As always, this information is given freely and without any warranties.  This is an ongoing project and Im always happy to make improvements or swap in better parts, suggestions are welcome!



A very simple and inexpensive setpoint PID controller.  I use it on multiple projects and it has been reliable

An alternative to the setpoint is this solid 30 step ramp/soak controller for a very budget friendly price.  Easy to work with and has been very reliable for us.

Not strictly needed but is a great way to tidy up your wiring.  This will do 2-3 boxes

A package deal on the above controller that includes an ssr, an internal style heat sink and a thermocouple.  If you want to go extra cheap you can use the ssr and even the heatsink but the themocouple probe is too short to be anything but extra wire...then again, its only $11 more ;-)

a couple of bucks more than the average Amazon chinese 25a ssr but is solidly built and has actual living breathing customer service behind it.

A nice light K type panel mounted jack and plug set.  This is really a cosmetic/convenience item but it is very nice if you plan to use the controller on multiple kilns or move it around a lot.

Its a switch.  turns off, turns on.  Got mine at a hardware store but this should be just as good.

A good quality external case heat sink, drilled and tapped.  If you dont mind drilling and tapping your self one can be had for a good bit cheaper but this one is a good quick solution.

This is a subtitution as i got mine from the local electronics store. these appear to be nearly identical for a few bucks cheaper

A simple, dirt cheap junction box.  darn near bombproof

Another optional addition, but I do like having a plug between the kiln and the controller that isnt common so the kiln cant be plugged in anywhere else.  These are also lightweight and locking.  These require a crimping tool, i recommend the Iwiss listed below

Some basic colored hook up wire for the low current stuff

A versitile and cheap manual crimper.  Also works for the .063,  most JST plugs, and many others.

Cheap cable to hack up for a plug and heavier wire for connections to the relay and on to the load

This is an optional safety feature but a good idea if you plan on fishing around in an oven with metal tools and no door switch while working.  With a couple adapters or wired directly in between the kiln and the control box it will kill the elements to avoid potential shocks

Nice cheap thermocouple for small ovens up to 800c

Some cable glands to provide strain relief.  The pg9 work well for this project but I use them for all sorts of stuff.  In this application the gasket needs removed to handle the wall thickness