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We have up to 14 fully equipped flameworking stations, each with hand tools and didydium glasses available.  Our two 12' x 5' flameworking tables are steel topped and have independent vent systems and track lights for each station.  Nortel Major and Minor Burners are available as well as hand and micro torches upon request.  Kilns include 3 paragon digital front loaders, an AIM frontloader and a skutt top loader.


We now feature a dedicated fusing area with a 8' x 4' steel topped table and all necessary hand tools and accessories.

Cold Working, etc...

We have a limited but growing cold working capacity including a water fed drill press, drum grinder, wet cut off saw, and tumbler.



Bench Rental


For experienced flameworkers, we offer bench time for $16.50/hr.


$15/hr for bulk purchase.


 While a staff member will always in attendance, those renting a bench are expected to be comfortable with all of the equipment and able to operate in a safe manner.   Renters may require an assessment guided rental session, attend a class, and/or provide reference materials prior to renting to ensure safety. For those who need a little more help during their practice time we offer Guided Rental.




Guided Rental


For both our beginning students and those seeking a little extra help with particular technical issues we offer Guided Rental for $25/hr.


The only requirement is that you have taken one of our intro classes or equivalent experience.  Students can work on any project they like and experienced Fiamma Instructor will help guide them along.


 All Rental time includes: gases,tools, eye wear, kiln space (larger projects may require special consideration).


All other general policies apply, see our Policies Page for more information



Fuse Bar


For students who have attended an Introductory Fusing class at Fiamma or equivalent, we now offer buffet style fusing!  After you have taken the Intro class, you are then able to schedule a Fusing work session where all the glass & supplies you need are available a'la cart!





All other general policies apply, see our Policies Page for more information



While Fiamma Glass is by no means a full service supply shop, we do keep on hand various glass and accessories for our student and renter's convenience including:


-a large assortment or Morretti colors


-Borosilicate rod and frit from Glass Alchemy, Northstar, Trautman Art Glass and others


-a range of clear borosilicate tube and rod from Simax, Corning, and Schott


-various accessories including Gilson opals, Dichroic images, gold and silver wire, special tools and more!



We are also now carrying an expanding line of fusing supplies including:


-various System 96 sheet glasses


-a wide variety of System 96 compatible frits and stringers from Kugler, Riechenbach, and Gaffer


-many different kinds of furnace pulled and blown (by us!) cane, bits, shards, etc

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