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Cancellation Policy


All cancellations must be requested at least 72 hours in advance by email (info@fiammaglass.com) or phone (617 875 8649) or they may be subject to a $15 fee.



Age and Disability


Flameworking is relatively accessible form of hot glass work and as such is available to a wider range of people than traditional glassblowing.  It is still however somewhat demanding both physically and mentally.  We ask that anyone with any disabilities or health conditions to please notify us before scheduling a class.  We will do everything in our power to include anyone who can safely participate, but we reserve the right to make that judgment all the way up to and through the end of the class.  Anybody who cant participate for health reasons will be fully refunded.



Our minimum age for participation is 14, though we ask that anyone under the age of 18 have a parent or legal guardian fill out and sign their release form.

Preparing for your flameworking class


At Fiamma Glass we provide all the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies for your flameworking class, but we recommend a couple of things...


-wear comfortable clothing made of natural materials.  Try to avoid wearing anything too loose or dangling


-wear as little jewelry as possible


-if you need eye correction, contacts are preferable or if not possible smaller/lighter glasses tend to be better than large ones as you will have to wear our special glasses over them.


-Closed toed shoes are recommended


-bottled water/snacks.  There are many restaurants within walking distance,  but for those who want to bring their own we have a microwave and a refrigerator.


-PLEASE COME A FEW MINUTES EARLY!! our classes begin with very important safety information.  If you cant make it to the beginning of the class you may be unable to participate and may have to reschedule so please let us know as soon as possible.  Otherwise we ask that you try and arrive 10 minutes in advance so that we can get to the fun stuff as fast as possible!


Classes | Descriptions

Introduction to Flameworking:  Marble & Figurine

Introduction to Flameworking:  Pendants

Introduction to Flameworking:  Beads

Introduction to Flameworking:

This class is intended to introduce the student to the ancient art of Flameworking. Flameworking is the manipulation of molten glass using a localized heat source, such as a torch. In each of these 2 hour classes we will explore its modern incarnation using gas/oxy torches and graphite and steel tools to produce marbles & figurines, pendants or beads Students will each have their own workstation, torch , tools, and all the supplies and glass provided for them. Topics covered include: Basic safety and equipment operation, fundamentals of hot glass manipulation, glass color usage, surface decoration, and more.



Intro to Fused Glass: Pendants


Learn to make your own beautiful one of a kind glass pendants in this introductory glass fusing class. Each student will arrange a vast assortment of colorful glass bits and pieces, creating original designs to be fused, or melted, overnight in a kiln. Topics covered include: cutting sheet glass and rods, techniques in arranging and stacking glass for unique effects, basic fusing theory, and more!



or is it a tortoise? Either way, it's adorable and you will learn how to make them out of glass in this focused class. From the colorfully, decorated shells, to the tiny little eyes...your new friend will be a one of a kind! Topics covered include: color use, dot patterns, detail work and more!




Pig & Elephant Figurines


With just a few blobs of glass and some simple tools, students will learn to make little pig and elephant friends. They make great figurines, ornaments or even pendants!






Learn to make colorful and elegant glass flowers in this level II-III class. Topics covered include: sculpting techniques to create many different types of flower petals, assembly of multiple parts, using bridges, color use, basic flower anatomy and more!




Elegant Sealife


Using borosilicate glass, students will learn to make elegant starfish, fish and seahorses. Using hot glass and gravity to achieve flowing shapes and forms will be emphasized.






Learn to make your very own glimmering, shimmering glass hummingbirds in this 3 hour Level II class! Topics covered include: shaping and forming techniques, color use, effects for wings, hooks, fast production methods, and more!




Galaxy Pendants


Create colorful, swirling galaxies you can wear around your neck in this 3 hr. level II class. Topics covered include: color use and application, shaping using gravity and tools, making the perfect hook, and more!




Encased Opal Marbles & Pendants


Learn to encase synthetic Gilson opals in glass to create pendants & marbles that really sparkle! Topics covered include: encasing synthetic opals, heat control, compatibility, pendant & marble design and more!




Dichroic Glass Marbles & Pendants


Learn to create glittering dichroic glass pendants and marbles on the torch in this level II class. Careful heat control and torch use will be key!




We are always adding new classes!


Check the calender to see what classes are coming up soon!

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