"In over 20 years of glass work  I have had the singular privilege of studying with masters from all over the globe and in nearly every facet of glass work.  Over the past few years I have had the further privilege of being a part of developing Fiamma glass and the wonderful, growing community of fellow glass addicts that have become a part of our lives.  In my capacity as a fabricator i also have had the chance to work with architects, designers, scientists, engineers and artists to help create projects that have continually challenged and pushed me.  Most of all I'm privileged to share both the adventure of glass and of our studio with my wife Trina, and I look forward to continuing to improve, grow, and share our love of all things glass with many more people in the future."


 Along with her husband, David, Trina is the co-owner of Fiamma Art Glass.  Trina's love for the material and teaching the art of flameworking has been her focus for over 16 years.

Her interest in glass began with beadmaking and has grown to include sculptural glass of all kinds, including blown, flameworked, and kiln cast glass.



Alex is a Boston-based flameworker who has been working with glass for five years, focused mainly on borosilicate glass. His works include large and ornately decorated marbles, small sculpture/figurines, pendants and jewelry, as well as hollow forms/vessels. Alex has been a part of the Fiamma team for 3 years now, and has also taught classes for both adults and high school aged children at Snow Farm/The New England Craft Program.




While my crafting background is in cross stitch and embroidery, I discovered a love for glass art while in school in Oregon. When I moved back to the greater Boston area, I was so happy to find Fiamma Glass Studio. I’ve been here since fall 2017, and I know I couldn’t be any luckier! I feel excited by every teaching and art-making opportunity that arises."


Fiamma Glass Studio

86 Maple St.

Waltham, MA  02453

Phone: 617.875.8649