group classes:

*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are not currently running group classes. All vouchers and gift certificates will be accepted at a later date.


We offer introductory-advanced level group classes in both flameworked and fused glass, taught by fully trained, highly skilled instructors and artists. Group classes are run each weekend during our regular hours, Sat-Sun 11am-7pm.

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What is Flameworking?

Flameworking, is the art of manipulating molten hot glass using a torch.

Pre-formed glass rods and tubes can be heated and manipulated into beads, figurines, ornaments, jewelry, sculpture, and more!


Even within the span of one class each student will create multiple objects made almost entirely on their own.











What is Fusing?

Glass fusing is the process of  creatively cutting and arranging sheet glass  and other bits in which to "fuse" or melt in a kiln overnight.  The glass can also be slumped into molds to form bowls and other shapes.  One of a kind jewelry, sun-catchers, kitchenware, and more can be made with this fun process.


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