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Important note!

This parts list is incomplete.  You will not find a motorized ball valve with the necessary viton seal for the propane valve here.  I have so far been unable to find any new ones for a reasonable price.  If anyone has any leads, please let me know!


This simple foot pedal is inexpensive and quick to build.  Unlike solenoid based systems no power is required for and no heat is generated by keeping the valves open.  As a result it can be run on a small rechargable battery pack eliminating any power cords.  It's also very compact and light making it portable and easy to install under a table.  As always, this information is given freely and without any warranties.  This is an ongoing project and Im always happy to make improvements or swap in better parts, suggestions are welcome!



an alternative pedal

you will need either 2 of these or 1 of the see saw variety to the right

This Ball valve is for the Oxygen.

Some basic colored hook up wire for the low current stuff

A versitile and cheap manual crimper.  Also works for the .063,  most JST plugs, and many others.

for the cable between the valves and the pedals.  this is 4 wire so one goes unused but it was the best deal i found on a small amount

cable glands

assorted heat shrink

power cables

.062 Molex plug and receptacle pairs

cable cover